Road trip to Mt Gambier

Hi everyone, hope you have been well. As for me I am getting some R&R, drinking tea…eating lots and trying to read a book called ‘Essays In Love’ by Alain De Botton (interesting read so far 😉 ). I recently took a road trip to a small town in South Australia called Mt Gambier, home of the blue lake !

Seeing that it was another long weekend, I decided to take a drive with the fam-bam (mum; dad; Athena and Friedel- my siblings) to Mt Gambier. The drive took us approximately four and a half hours ! (I swear if it wasn’t for daddy’s old GPS we would have made in just under four hours !) We got lost a couple of times and it took us the long way round, telling us to exit the highway, then make a U-turn to join the highway again ! ! Now that I look back that was pretty funny, but I was absolutely annoyed at the time…almost ruined my trip.

We tried to leave the house at 6am (emphasis on the word tried – lol [Africans never on time! 😀 ] and we failed miserably!). We also had one bathroom break and stopped for breakfast in a town called Hamilton. Now this was a bitter sweet moment because back in New Zealand we spent more than a decade in a town called Hamilton. Hamilton was such a lovely liveable place, however the people were the same as the Kiwi Hamiltonians 😀 They did however have potato top pies !!! If you follow me on my social media you will know that recently I was begging for someone to smuggle me a potato top pie from New Zealand because I hadn’t found one yet in Melbourne. To my disappointment, the pie wasn’t that great, despite the painful hunger that I was facing. I guess my expectation was the taste similar to that of the Auckland potato top pie (or shepherd’s pie as I recently found out 😀 hehe).

By the time we reached Mt Gambier it was around 11am, so we went straight to the Umpherston sink hole. Now this hole is HUUUUUGGGE! ! If my something like that happened in my backyard I would quickly assume witchcraft on steroids! (Despite the perfect scientific explanation for the sink hole). This hole has been turned into a British style garden, housing some very busy bees and hungry possums. Below are a few pictures of the beautiful garden. Take time to appreciate the magnificent photography skills 😛 hehehe ! I also tried to shoot a video [Road trip to Mt Gambier South Australia] but its such poor quality, too shaky !] So for now just enjoy the pictures.









IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2401




IMG_2416 IMG_2418



We also took a drive down to the blue lake. Now trust me when I say this lake is blue! Its not a simple reflection of the sky, its gorgeous vivid blue, and apparently it gets even more blue in summer ! Here, take a look for your self.





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