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Hi everyone! Hope you have been well? I for one have been not very well, life has taken its toll on me, on my body. These past few months I missed work as a result of poor health (too much stress the doctor advised me… said I need to take it easy and not take on too much all at once. Unfortunately that meant dropping almost everything and just focusing on getting better. I’m on the road to recovery and plan taking things slow from now on. Without health, I will lose everything that I am currently trying to achieve.

While I was recovering, some good things have happened! I received my order from MakeUp Geek! Now, the reason why I am so excited is because I have never really bought any makeup online, I like to go to the physical shop, swatch it then purchase it. However, with MakeUp Geek, I’ve always been so curious about the quality of their products, so after watching countless reviews on Youtube and seeing photos on Instagram, I finally decided to take the plunge and get my little fingers on some of their eyeshadows and lashes.

As it was the first purchase, I was a little bit conscious of the quantity I bought. I also went for colours that were most recommended for people with darker skin tones, to minimize the chances of buying something that would look ‘not so nice on my skin’.

Below are the swatches of the eyeshadows that I got.

I have to say, these eyeshadows are the real deal! Now I know you may be saying, “well how can you know they’re the real deal when you’ve hardly tried a variety of other brands?” Well… just from me using them I have thoroughly enjoyed them. The texture (so velvety soft and very pigmented) and not to mention the amazing price! All of these were just $6.00 per pan. When you compare than to a pan of Mac shadows, lets just say you can buy three to four pans of MakeUp Geek shadows for the price of one Mac eye shadow. I would highly recommend them to anyone on a budget but wants to get high end quality results.

Im planning on growing my collection bit by bit. What colours would you guys recommend I get next? Let me know in the comments section down below or on any of my other social media.

Ciao Darlings <3 !


The swatches on my arm do not do these eyeshadows any justice. However, you can still see the level of pigmentation that these shadows have. (Take note that swatches can also be misleading because when applying the eyeshadows, chances of you using your finger instead of a brush, are very low. So what I would recommend is to use a brush for the swatches… which is exactly what I did on my arm.)


So here we have Morocco. This orange-y shade is perfect for WOC as a transition colour, especially when working with warm colours. Blends very well and easily.


This is Cherry Cola. I use this in the outer corners of my eye to create an ombre effect when going for a subtle smokey eye.


This is Curfew. As a WOC a purple-y smokey eye with a pop of yellow in inner corners looks really beautiful. I first saw the combo on a Revlon eyeshadow ad. Been loving that combo ever since ! I wear this on the centre of my lid.


For a quick everyday look, paired with bold eyeliner and some lashes, I always tend to reach for Simply Marlena. This is usually my go to makeup look during the day.


When it comes to adding a bit of excitement, I like to reach for Burlesque. No words can describe how good this eyeshadow feels. Its a pinky-brown colour that looks velvety even when worn.


Last but not least, we have Corrupt. I do not think I have ever come across a true black eyeshadow such as this one. Perfect for the dark night out smokey eye. I also use it as an eye liner for my lower lash line if Im going for a softer look.


Also picked up a few different styles of lashes with my order 😀







*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and have not been influenced by anyone else. Products shown were all purchased using my own funds. This is not a sponsored post.*

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