Journey To The Centre of Australia (Melbourne to Alice Springs)

Recently I went on a trip to the heart of Australia. Being on a month long holiday, I thought the trip was a good idea so that I could really SEE Australia and the different landscapes. I’ve seen only a very small slice of what Australia has to offer. Click here and here for previous places I’ve visited.

When I first came to Australia, I was expecting red earth everywhere and beautiful sunsets…so far, being that I’m in Melbourne, all I’ve been seeing is just green and concrete 🙁

Well below are most of the photos that I took while I was on the trip. The reason why there are so many was coz I couldn’t choose which ones to leave out! They were all good. This goes to show how beautiful and how much the landscape varies in Australia. Each photo is showing a different kind of Australia. From desert to concrete jungle.

My journey started from Melbourne, then we (Violaine- lovely French girl who was in Australia for one year for her studies; and I) made our way up to Adelaide where we picked up Silvia ( lovely Italian girl who was here on holiday). We all met on Coseat. Making the arrangements was relatively simple because each f us were very flexible and easy going.

While in Adelaide, I stayed at a backpacker place for the very first time in my life. We stayed at YHA hostel in a room that sleeps 8 people. I took the bottom bunk right by the door, ready for flight should anything happen during the night !

Our first night f camping was a complete nightmare for me! The weather was horrible, there was a storm, but luckily our tent held up and didn’t get blown away by the strong winds, nor did it get saturated by the rain. I hardly slept because all night I was worried about a tree branch falling on us and crushing us to death. Our tent was right next to a huge tree, which happened to be the only reasonably less rocky spot to pitch or 2min pop up tent.

Our first stop was the flinders ranges, where we stayed at Wilpena camping ground. It was at this national park where I encountered my first ever live wild kangaroo! And there was a whole troop ! As soon as we pitched our tent and got ready for our hike, we were visited by a pair of Emus. Surprisingly they were not so shy towards humans, which reminded me of the stories they used to tell us back in New Zealand about how the Moa ( a relative to the emu) where so easily wiped out to extinction.

With the rain still pouring, we attempted to do one of the hikes, however it was so cold that we opted for a scenic drive instead. We drove on the dirt road (woohoo! opportunity to drive off road and in 4×4 mode !) through small streams and over dunes that left the car in the air for a little bit of hang time. Most thrilling drive of the journey.

Our next main stop was the famous town of Coober Paddy, opal capital of Australia. Here we slept underground with no tents and went noodling for opals the following day. This was after we had enjoyed a museum tour of the story of opals. We all fell in love with the beautiful stones, so much that I purchased one necklace as a gift for mum and couldn’t resist getting myself one too.

From there we went to Uluru; Katajuta and Kings Canyon. There are no words to describe these places and the spiritual connection you feel towards nature when you’re at these places. I could go on for days on how beautiful this place was. So I will let you see the photos instead. Kings Canyon was my most challenging hike throughout the journey, while Uluru and Katajuta were more spiritual oriented, very relaxing for the mind.

Alice Springs was my final destination as I needed to heard back home and try to relax before going back to work. Expectation vs reality was very different because I was expecting water almost everywhere (or like a large fresh water spring, forever flowing with water). What we found instead was the complete opposite. Instead it was the most dry of all the places we’d visited (the most desert like).

Below are the photos from Adelaide to Alice Springs (nothing to see between Melbourne and Adelaide -_-)



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